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About Us

Introducing highly energy efficient windows and doors to the Australian market. EcoClassic specialises in energy efficient double glazed windows and doors which combined may yield up to 2 stars advantage in the energy analysis. EcoClassic offers a range of three energy efficient alternatives:

  • EcoTech
  • EcoPlus
  • EcoTherm
Being rugged and weatherproof requiring little maintenance, aluminium is the most common material used in Australia for the construction of windows and doors. But a major drawback is that Aluminium alone is a poor insulator and rates accordingly in energy analyses. EcoClassic’s EcoTech aluminium windows and doors are manufactured double glazed to provide the highest level of thermal efficiency available for aluminium alone and the silicon glazing adds a real sense of protection from the elements.

The highest level of thermal efficiency is achieved when the whole frame is manufactured using a thermal insulator. EcoClassic’s EcoPlus window is manufactured in unplasticised polyvinyl chloride hollow section which is reinforced on the inside with zinc coated steel to give it strength. With a full range of colours available including a timber grained finish the EcoPlus window offers the choice of one colour on the outside and white on the inside.

EcoTherm, the Thermal Break Window is a heavier window engineered with aluminium inner and outer skins which are rigidly joined by a polyamide (resin) thermal strut which prevents the heat moving through the aluminium. EcoClassic’s EcoTherm windows and doors offer the advantage of a 2 colour option where the colour on the interior differs from the exterior. EcoTherm is the perfect choice to combine the architectural look with real energy efficiency at a realistic price.

Choose from these great colours for windows or doors.

All windows are double glazed with each glass pane measuring 4mm thick with a 12mm air gap in between. EcoClassic's obscure glass is called "pearl". It has no pattern at all, just a frosted effect which is always inside the double glazing, making cleaning easy.

EcoClassic flyscreens are custom made to fit your windows and colour matched. You have a choice of mesh systems being fibreglass, aluminium and stainless. Fibreglass mesh, the industry standard is unobtrusive and left alone will last for years, aluminium is a stronger mesh for times when small pets are likely to come into contact with the screen, stainless mesh is exceptionally strong, doesn’t easily crease, resists weather and corrosion.

In most cases it is your choice, but Bush fire rated areas require metal mesh screens, which are constructed to resist burning embers.

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